Monday, May 7, 2012

9mm Micro Uzi Machine Pistol

This is the 9mm Micro Uzi machine pistol, the invention of Cpt Uziel Gal of the Israeli Defense Forces. This handy personal defense weapon found its way in the hands of  elite Philippine Army forces in the mid 80s; and, then Col Gringo Honasan carried one during EDSA 1 uprising in 1986.  Due to its open bolt design, it is vulnerable to dust, sand and dirt during actual combat employment. The IDF had replaced this weapon with the 5.56mm Tavor Rifle for its frontline infantry forces. I like this weapon as a back-up weapon inside the vehicle due to its length and portability. A vehicle driver can easily grab the weapon and fire with one hand while maintaining control of the steering wheel at the same time. It's 32rd magazine can be emptied in a few seconds of full automatic fire. During close quarter combat, if there are no non-combatants around, you can simply 'spray and forget'. :-)  

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