About Me

I am a certified shooting addict. I love guns. I am a player, not a displayer of guns. I love shooting different type of rifles and pistols.  I am a military sniper. I am a former member of the Philippine Army Shooting Team. I have joined various competitions held locally and abroad. I have tried different shooting competition formats such as IPSC, IDPA, PNSA, AARM, AASAM and BISAM matches. I have taught marksmanship skills to different audiences including soldiers, PMA cadets, government law enforcement personnel and military snipers. My very special student is my own son, Harvey. To all competitive shooters, I am a friend. To my students and aspiring shooting enthusiasts, I am a big brother.

My shooting background:

Training:     Advanced Marksmanship course (Marksmanship Training Unit, PA)
                     Sniper course (Philippine Army and McMillan Sniper School, USA)
                     Countersniper Course (McMillan Sniper School, USA)
                     Sniper Instructor Course (McMillan Sniper School, USA)

Affiliations:  Philippine Practical Shooting Association
                      Philippine Defensive Pistol Association
                      Philippine National Shooting Association
                      Philippine Army Shooting Team