Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Army's 40mm M203 Grenade Launcher

The Philippine Army soldiers, particularly the Grenadiers, are still using the M203 GL which was introduced to us in the 1980s. When attached to an M16 Rifle, a soldier has an added capability of delivering indirect fires to support the squad and platoons.

I had met a lot of soldiers who didn't know how to use this weapon effectively. Influenced by war movies, they were made to believe that the weapon can hit targets by firing it directly at them!

Some have even discarded the 'cumbersome' quadrant sights and leaf sights, due to plain ignorance.

Every time I have the chance, I demonstrate the ability of this weapon to hit area targets precisely. It's kill radius is about 5 meters but with my excellent marksmanship foundation, I can bring that high explosive (HE) round right in front of the target at a distance of 250m.

Watch as I demonstrate the use of both the leaf sights and the quadrant sights before a group of soldiers in Fort Magsaysay's GL firing range. My targets are man-size target boards in white paint for easy identification.

The farther the targets, the higher the angle of the weapon. After all, this is an indirect fire weapon like mortars, right?

M203 GL shooting is fun too!

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