Monday, January 9, 2012

Dillon RL 550 Reloading Press

RL 550B Press
Dillon RL 550 Reloader

The RL550B is able to load rifle as well as pistol cartridges The RL550B uses standard 7/8 by 14 thread per inch dies, as long as they deprime in the size die Manually indexed shellplate Manually fed cases and bullets Capable of loading 400 to 600 rounds per hour Lifetime "No-B.S." Warranty
It comes with:

Bullet Tray

Bullet tray

Dillon Carbide Dies
3-die set, carbide

RF 100 Primer Filler

Primer filler

Eliminator Scale

Balance beam, eliminator scale

Dial Calipers

Digital caliper
  • Toolhead
  • One Caliber Conversion (Shellplate, Locator Buttons, and Powder Funnel)
  • Automatic Powder Measure System and Powder Die
  • Automatic Priming System for Large and Small Primers
  • Low Primer Warning System (sounds audible alarm)
  • One Large and one Small Primer Pickup Tube
  • Loaded Ammo (Akro) Bin (no Bullet Tray)
  • Loaded Cartridge, Auto-eject System
  • Standard (not ball-end) hex key set ("allen wrenches")
The RL 550B does not come with Dies.
Note: Pic includes optional accessories: Strong Mount, Bullet Tray, Aluminum Roller Handle, and Low Powder Sensor.
Its features include:
  • Accommodates Over 120 Pistol and Rifle Calibers!
  • Interchangeable Toolhead Assembly
  • Uses Standard 7/8" x 14 Dies
  • Loading Rate: 400-600 Rounds/Hour
Dillon's RL 550B has all the simplicity and reliability of a single-stage reloading press, but it loads a complete round with every pull of the handle. And it's as easy to learn to reload on as a single stage!

If you plan to load multiple pistol and rifle calibers and can only justify owning one press, this is the only machine to consider. It’s a rugged, durable machine that will virtually produce ammo forever.
A common misconception: Manually indexing the shellplate slows down the machine. The truth is: Without a Casefeeder, auto-indexing only unnecessarily complicates the machine, without offering any increase in speed. Because, while your right hand cycles the handle, your left hand grabs a bullet, then waits for the shellplate to return. After seating the primer, while your right hand is reaching for a new piece of brass, your left hand indexes the shellplate and sets the bullet on the case (which is charged with powder) before your right hand can insert a new case in the Shellplate.
If you plan to load multiple calibers on one machine, would like to switch calibers quickly, easily, and inexpensively, this is the machine for you.

Recommended for loading up to 2500 rounds/month in a single caliber, or almost anytime you plan to switch calibers more than a couple times a month.

It is always recommended as the  first progressive reloading machine for beginners.


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