Tuesday, January 3, 2012

JRHOLSTER.com products

If you want highly-reliable, cheaper shooting gears, it is worth considering the locally made JR products. A product of innovative minds, the JR holsters and accessories are fast-becoming the most preferred products in the country today.  Here are some of the most popular products available in their inventory:

Macro Jr Holster is made of Hard Polymer Plastic that makes it stronger, lighter and convenience to use. For faster draw, it has an Activator Lock which allows you to draw and unlock at the same time without affecting the weight of the holster's retention. This safety features gives you as advantage  to move fast, swing and run without the fear of dropping the gun (like in a holster test). For quick and safe draw, it also has a retention lever that adjust the tension of your draw to its desired weight and smoothness. ($140.00)

                The Duty Holster (IDPA Holster) is use a perfect lever to lock and unlock the gun in the holster, even you can customize the tension. For real-world self-defense shooting, this is the best holster that is suited for you.

                 For CZ, Tanfoglio, HK, all Glocks, 1911/2011, Para Ordinance ($40.00)

   Designed to suit the shooter’s needs, the JR Belt is made of nylon and plastic to withstand stress and tough weather. It comes with a belt buckle for safety. ($50.00)

Designed with faster and better mag changes in mind, the JR Magazine Pouch is a shooting competitor's dream.

It's made of high-grade polymer plastic so you can be sure that it's tough and unbreakable.

It has two roller guides for smoother and faster mag change, a built-in spacer so it will have enough distance from your body, and a finger index so you can have a good grip at your magazine.

It also has two retention adjustments, adjustable by 360 degrees, and an angled top and bottom to fit the size and shape of your magazine - ammunition or no ammunition.

The JR Magazine Pouch is convertible from standard single-stock, Production GUn Like CZ, Jericho, Tanfoglio,Etc and modern high capacity magazines, and already Ambidextrous

Available Color: Black, Red, Green, Yellow, Orange, Violet, White, and Blue ($35.00)

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