Saturday, January 12, 2013

PPSA Level 1 PNP Invitational Shootfest

My souvenir photo with certified shooting addicts from the media. 

I am a shooting competition player. No, I am not saying I am the best man during shooting competitions; but, I am the man who only shoots during competitions.

Due to the demands of my current job,  I rarely have the chance to do shooting practices so I regularly participate in shooting competitions to review my perishable shooting skills.

On the eve of the COMELEC imposed gun ban, I participated the PNP Invitational Shootfest (Level 1, PPSA Sanctioned Match) held in Camp Crame, Quezon City. 

The Course of Fire was quite similar to the one used during the Games of the Generals a week before. As the Team Manager of the Army Team, I had the chance to familiarize the COF but I didn't have the chance to run the course.

Stage 1 was a night fighting scenario. I disliked the way shooters were required to carry the flashlight which was contrary to the tactical considerations that soldiers are trained for.

Using my strong hand, I assaulted the targets, focusing my eyes only at the front sight as I 'neutralized' my enemies one by one. Some of the shooters missed the targets here. Well, I am a Scout Ranger!

Stage 1  Time: 17:44 secs; Hits: A-19, C-3

Stage 2 was a little bit tricky with some 'double vision' targets in the middle. I shot the targets using 'piso-piso' technique. Slow but sure!

Stage 2 Time: 22.84 secs; Hits: A-19, C-6 

Stage 3 involves shooting targets from awkward shooting positions. Trigger-happy shooters love this course of fire. I re-engaged one target, seeing that there was only one bullet hole on it. IPSC shooting requires quick    hand and eye coordination. How I wish I can shoot faster than this one.

Stage 3 Time: 24.94 secs; Hits: A-29, C-7

Stage 4 was a 'long course', requiring 32 rounds. This is the first course that I ran, as part of my warm up. Probably, I lacked stretching exercises because I wasn't comfortable shooting in squatting position, resulting to a missed shot. 

Stage 4 Time: 21.90 secs; Hits: A-20, C-6, D-5, M-1

Stage 5 was a short course but the presence of round plates at approximately 15 meters is a daunting challenge to 'tournament player' like me. To ensure accurate shots, I paused on the metal targets. I proved it better than mowing the targets down with rapid fire, missing some shots.

Stage 5 Time: 16:52 secs; Hits: A-13, C-3

Shooting is fun. I love it. Whether I bring home trophies or not, I will always continue honing my marksmanship skill. 

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