Wednesday, January 16, 2013

My CZ SPO1 Pistol Fun Shoot

I have watched countless films showing a hulky actor shooting his enemies with two pistols, without missing any of them. Hmmmmm. Believe it or not? I wanna experience this 'trick' myself. See the result.

Shooting with either strong hand or weak hand is possible with constant practice. In precision shooting events, I had experienced hitting X's at 25m and 50m in a deliberate fire scenario. What about shooting with both hands all at the same time? Is it possible to align both guns to the target at the same time? I did this practice just for fun. See the outcome.

I love IDPA shooting techniques because they are very much applicable to the scenarios experienced by the soldiers. The so-called 'Tactical Sequence' is done in this manner.

Of course, who is not familiar of the 'ratratero' style of target engagement? Some shooters really like the sound of quick 'splits', not mindful of shooting accuracy. With serious shooting drills, accuracy and speed can be attained. Again, this is just for fun. How is the sound?

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