Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Shooting is Fun: Zeroing the M16A2 Rifle for IPSC competitions

Prior to an IPSC Rifle shooting competition, I normally rezero my rifle at varied distances as described in the course of fire (COF). In some rifle competitions, targets are presented from 75m-300m.

I prepare all my 'mission-essential' requirements that I need for the shooting competition. Included in the list are: D.O.P.E. book, laser range finder, hand-held anemometer, shooting guide and pen.

If I notice a 'full value' wind is trying to disturb my bullet trajectory, I take note of the average wind velocity and the amount of drift it causes to my bullet. The wind gauge is suited for 'lazy' shooters like me. Thanks, technology!

To achieve the 'perfect zero', I use prone supported position to establish 3-round shot groups. I start at 100m, using the IPSC classic board as the target but my actual target is a 3-inch white paper that I put at the lower center of the target board.

Shooting is fun so I prefer to ride than sweat it out while walking towards the target.

First shot group, hitting 2 o'clock, 2-3inch apart. Translating this to the value of 'clicks' at 100m, I put on the 'dope' and fired my second shot group as shown. Bulls eye! 8/3 +2 for my elevation.

At 200m, I repeat the procedure done at 100m distance. I take note of the bullet drop and record the needed 'come-ups' to attain the correct zero for that distance. I normally pray that weather would be fine and I don't have to worry about the wind drift. The farther the distance, the more shooting errors and the more that you take full attention of things like Drift (in M.O.A.) = WxV/C. I hate math. I love my sniper 'cheat sheet'!

At 250m, the target is getting smaller but the horizon is getting wider. More often than not, I am 'distracted' by the scenic view around the range. After my zeroing, I just pause to enjoy the view and relieve all the stresses. Oh, I have another passion----photography (Another shooting profession). 

This is the reason why shooting is fun.


  1. shooting is FUN in the philippines

  2. Kahit hindi mananalo basta makaputok at makapang-asar sa tropa, happy tayo! :-)