Thursday, December 22, 2011

IPSC Rifle Match using DPMS Kitty Kat

My DPMS Kitty Kat's 7.5" stainless steel barrel is not reputed to be the best option for mid-range shooting engagement. In a 'range-in-series' shot grouping in Fort Magsaysay, I proved to the Kitty Kat haters that this cutie can inflict harm up to 300m. I fitted my toy with Eotech 553 and a 3x magnifier for targets that are beyond  200m. In one shooting match, I engaged three IPSC classic boards and a 4x4 steel plate presented at 80m-100m. My performance was at par with most of the optics lovers who participated in the match. Sa maraming alibis: "Minsan, wala sa pana, nasa Indian".

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