Monday, December 5, 2011

Australian Army Skill At Arms Meeting

The Australian Armies Rifle Meeting is an annual competition organized by the Australian Army. We joined this competition for the first time in 2005. Shooting teams from foreign armed forces around the world are regular participants including the US, UK, France and shooters from Asia-Pacific countries. The individual champion in the AASAM aims to take the 'royal seat' as shown in the photo.

The champion is carried by his comrades like a king.  

The AASAM Course of Fire is a combat simulation. We jogged 2kms with our combat gears. We were organized as an infantry squad composed of Designated Marksmen, gunners (M249 SAW) and riflemen.

We fired at targets at various distances (100m-400m) using the standing, kneeling and foxhole positions. The exposure of the targets was limited to 4-5secs. I was using an M16A2 Rifle fitted with an IOR Valdada scope with CQB Reticle.

At the 500m mark, we dropped and fired our weapons. Pop up targets suddenly appeared in the horizon signalling us to dash towards the next firing position hundred meters upfront.

We assaulted the targets up to 50m. In this COF, I was reminded of  the times when I reinforced  engaged units in the field.

The most thrilling part of the match was finding out if our bullets hit the mark. Our Indonesian friends scored the targets while the Australian butt party members looked on.

We were also required to fire a secondary weapon. I opted to fire the pistol. Some of my teammates became gunners. We prepped the range together with the other participants.

 I was pictured at 50m mark, shooting targets behind cover. To my right were shooters from Papua New Guinea, US Marine Corps and US Army Marksmanship Unit.

   I was with the other three teammates at the 15m mark. I was trying my best to punch all my bullets at the V-ring.

Another exciting part was counting the hits. AASAM was one of the most challenging competitions that I had participated.

Shooting is fun. In my Australian adventure, I won some, I lost some.

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