Thursday, June 26, 2014

CSAFP Cup 2014

The CSAFP Cup is an annual shooting competition that is organized by the Armed Forces of the Philippines. Since last year, ARMSCOR has gladly played host to this highly-anticipated shooting event. 

It is a fund raising activity that aims to provide financial support to the AFP Educational Benefit System Office (AFPEBSO), the office that supports the education of selected children of our fallen soldiers. 

The CSAFP Cup 2014 is a three-in one shooting event that includes the All Military shooting match (5 stages Level I), Games of the Generals (5 stages Fun Shoot) and the IPSC Level III Main Match (14 stages of Pistol and Mini-Rifle). 

To see the course of fire, please read this article about this exciting shooting match

You can also watch our promotion video here (please click).

Please see this schedule for ready reference:

Civilians shooters may shoot Stages 6-14 on July 3. 

The first event on July 3, 2014 is a one-day IPSC Level I shooting match (Stage 1-5) for all military personnel who are part of their respective BOS (Branch of Service's official teams).  General officers may also participate in the All Military event either as part of their respective Branch of Service teams or as individual shooters. Civilians who want to shoot on this day may do so but they can shoot only Stages 6-14.

To avoid 'clogging' of shooters during the Games of the Generals on July 5, only the Head of Agencies, Chiefs of AFP Branches of Service and Bureau Chiefs are prioritized to shoot Stages 1-5  on this day. All other general officers are required to return on this day (July 5, Saturday) to participate in the Team Shoot-off (Team vs Team) match that will happen at around 3:30pm. 

On  the other hand, civilian shooters are encouraged to shoot the Stages 1-5 on July 4 and July 6 to prevent a long queues in these stages on Saturday (July 5). 

Oh, before I forget, I have to emphasize that the proceeds of this match will go to the trust fund that is used to support the scholarship program for our fallen heroes. 

Who are our fallen heroes anyway? They are the soldiers who paid the ultimate sacrifice while serving the country. Talk about the infamous Zamboanga siege, Al-Barka encounter, Abu Sayyaf atrocities and communist banditry. Our soldiers are always in the frontlines against any armed threats to defend our people!

In this file photo taken in 2012, soldiers and family members paid tribute to the fallen soldiers upon the arrival of human remains in Villamor Air Base.

It is now our time to say 'Thank you' to all those who had given up their lives so that others may live.

Shooting is fun, right? By participating in this event, we can enjoy the game while helping others at the same time. I will be there to shoot too!

In an attempt to perform better during the CSAFP Cup 2014, I have started reviewing my pistol shooting fundamentals. 

Let us support the CSAFP Cup 2014!

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