Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Lt Gen Roland Detabali


Back in 1995, I was complaining when Major Roland Detabali, the Team Manager of the Army Shooting Team, wanted to take me as part of the training pool for the ASEAN Armies Rifle Meet.

As a fresh graduate of the Scout Ranger course, my simple dream is to serve in the frontlines of Basilan. Because of his 'strong' influence, I ended up shooting target papers 8am-4pm everyday starting in September 1995.

 Later, I found myself in different corners of the globe, winning both friends and medals. In the late 90's Major Detabali and I were part of the Army Team which saw action in the ASEAN region. He was among the top pistol shooters. I was a neophyte rifle shooter, serving as the Team Leader of our 10-man Rifle Team.

 This is my photo with my comrades in AARM when we joined the regional all-Army shooting competition in Brunei Darussalam in 2005.

Australian Army Skill At Arms Meeting in New South Wales, Australia

Now, as a 3 star general, he is my shooting buddy in IPSC matches. Meanwhile, as an Army major, I am still afflicted with the so-called "shooting addiction". I am proud to have brought honor for the country in my international competitions. You know by now who my 'bad influence' is.

I owe him my shooting skills.I am sharing these to my soldiers.

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  1. Roland Detabali you rock and your family loves you best wishes and God bless