Thursday, February 9, 2012

Standing Position Fundamentals

Seeing that some soldiers are using the precision style Standing Position during their marksmanship training, I interrupted them to show the purposes of both shooting positions (precision vs combat Standing Position). Shown in the photo is the technique used in precision shooting matches. This technique is much more accurate but, obviously, this is not applicable in real-life gunfights especially in close quarter combat. 

I showed them the correct shooting position that is applicable for combat purposes. This is what I call the 'combat' Standing Position. Facing the target squarely, gently pull the rifle towards the body using the non-shooting hand. Upper body is bent towards the balls of the feet to counter the effect of recoil. Knees are slightly bent. From this position, a shooter can also practice shooting in the move as what real-life shooting engagements require.

I showed them the proofs that the shooting technique is applicable and possible by letting them see the hits on the target. Indeed, there are no doubts when the evidences speak for themselves. (Photos by Pfc Marlon San Esteban)