Friday, February 3, 2012

Sitting Position

Sitting, open-leg technique. It is suitable especially if there is a shooting support that can be used to enhance the stability of the position such as  a sandbag or a tree trunk.

Sitting, cross-legged technique (pot-bellied shooters dislike this position). This is much more stable than the open-leg technique because the legs are used as an excellent foundation.

Modified sitting position. The elbow of the shooting hand can be rested against the leg while the knee of the other leg can be used to support the rifle.

There are varied ways to shoot in sitting position depending on the ability of the shooter to adjust his own body to adopt a steady but relaxed position. This position is only used when vegetation limits the field of view and the bullet path. I would only use this position if I enjoy ballistics advantage, when probability that the enemy can hurt me and my buddies is very low due to the distance that separates us.

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