Friday, February 24, 2012

ARMSCOR 52gr BTHP match ammo for CQB

I am a long-range shooting fanatic, but  I also love the CQB scenarios during PPSA sanctioned matches. To grab the championship trophy, you must shoot very fast while maintaining accuracy at the same time. Other shooters are happy with the 'nice-to-hear' double taps regardless of the missed shots; I am not one of them. For that reason, I do practice 'quick kill' drills without fire because I don't have the luxury of having a depot of match ammunitions. For CQB, I prefer lighter bullets like the 52-grain BTHP of ARMSCOR. It has a light kick and it shoots sub-MOA at 100 meters (I am using iron sights for test firing). I am happy with the results.  No more blown primers!

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