Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My Prodigy

Meet Mikhail Harvey, my only son. He loves shooting like me. I introduced him to the sport when he was three years old, using a pellet gun. At an early age, I noticed his interest in shooting. I started by indoctrinating him the importance of self-discipline and respect for the gun. He learned the 4-gun safety rules and observe it religiously when he was 5. Later, we started shooting the Ruger 22 pistol. He also tried shooting the 9mm and won his first trophy in the IDPA matches as a guest shooter. In 2011, I let him join the PNSA.

When I am busy, I let him practice alone. I just reminded him of the shooting fundamentals that he must observe all the times. I have taught him how to analyze the shots. He had learned how to correct the shooting errors based on the shot analysis.

During my free time, I supervise his practice sessions. I am his coach and he is my student. I treat him like any other soldier that I handle. I use various approaches  to let him endure the 'back-breaking' practices without complaining. 

Harvey received some shooting tips from a junior top-gun precision shooter Jason Valdez, the son of a SEA Games veteran and a good friend, Julius Valdez. Jason is his role-model and idol, next to me (of course!). 

 Another coach/trainer who fills my shoes as a shooting mentor is my former teammate in the Army shooting team and now a PNSA shooter, Tsgt Tito Carpio.

This is one of his 3-round shot groups. He is one step in his long journey towards Olympic Gold.

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  1. Congratulations sir! Truly you are a great mentor and a good father!