Sunday, December 18, 2011

Games of the Generals

Last week, I was busy performing my special task of helping the Army shooting team gear up for the Games of the Generals.

Facing a formidable team from the other AFP branches of service, I assembled a team of shooters from different units all over the archipelago.

Led by the Commanding General of the Philippine Army, we reviewed the fundamentals of marksmanship and performed shooting drills to regain their self-confidence. 

MGen Emmanuel 'Manny' Bautista undergoes the dry practice exercise on 'draw & fire' techniques. A 'leftie', Gen Bautista easily regained his precision shooting skill. As an apprentice in IPSC match, he had a hard time with the 'double tapping' shooting engagement.

MGen Noel Coballes, the Commander of the 1st Infantry Division, reacquires his speed shooting skills by reviewing the 'draw and fire' techniques. Using a shot timer, we determined the appropriate split of his shot  at a certain distance, maintaining the accuracy and speed of his shots.

Peacemaker Brigadier General Marlou Salazar remembers his IDPA shooting matches in Bicol during our dry practices.

Brigadier General Alan Luga with his Kimber M1911 Cal 45 pistol. Gen Luga likes rifle shooting better but he has learned to love pistol shooting as well.
BGen Rainier Cruz (rightmost), a veteran IPSC shooter, shares some tips to his Army teammates. Intently listening are BGen Nick Dolojan, MGen Jogie Segovia, MGen Noel Coballes (black shirt), BGen Leo Ferrer (yellow sweatshirt) and BGen Marlou Salazar. 

The Army team inspects the course of fire prior to the actual match.

BGen Rainier Cruz shows that he is the undisputed fast gun among the star-rank officers.

Top photo shows AFP Chief of Staff  LtGen Jessie Dellosa (in blue polo shirt) awarding the championship trophy to BGen Rainier Cruz for being the topgun during the 15th Game of the Generals. Major General Jogie Segovia receives his 2nd place trophy from Army Chief Major General Emmanuel Bautista as Gen Cruz and Gen Dolojan look on.

And the champion is..............the Army Shooting team!

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