Friday, December 9, 2011

CZ75 SP-01 Tactical

My first gun was a military issue Colt M1911A1 pistol. It became my reliable partner for several years when I was assigned in the field. I had it modified by a local gunsmith so that I can improve my shooting skills. 

Then, in 2009 I found my new love, the CZ75 SP-O1 Tactical 9mm pistol. It is one of the dozen of different variations offered by CZ. I noticed that more and more shooters prefer this gun than the Glock.

I like the accessory rail where I can attach a tactical light. I also has an ambidextrous decocker in place of the manual safety.  The decocker allows an easy and safe way to prepare the pistol for carry.

It is almost as heavy as my M1911A1 due to its all-steel frame and slide. I prefer to make it my 'combat carry' pistol because its magazine can carry 18 rounds (not bad to defend myself against bad guys with only one magazine). 

Due to my busy schedule, I am sometimes lazy in cleaning my gun. Knowing that my CZ has a corrosion-resistant polycoat finish, I am not really worried that it will become rusty.  I do clean it only after a shooting activity which happens once a month.

My gunsmith friend from Metrillo made some wonders on my gun at a cost of around P8,500.00. It is much more accurate because of its improve trigger pull 'smoothness'.

I am currently using this gun both for competitions and for self-defense.  I love my CZ!

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