Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Cal .223 Kitty Kat with Eotech 557

I love my Kitty Kat but I don't like the fiery blast. Look at that!

I dislike the sound signature but I appreciate its portability. If fitted with a sound suppressor, I will prefer it than the M4 Carbine for close quarter combat as shown.


  1. I remember how hot and blinding that experience can be, when I tested out Atty. Frank's rifle some time ago. I later learned that it's because of the gun powder burning only after the bullet has left the muzzle, as the barrel is too short to contain the exploding propellant.

    So yeah, that's why I prefer the 16" barrel of the M4 rifle as well.

  2. That is right!

    Well, I prefer the 18" barrel because I can push it up to 600m with heavier bullets and I can also manage to assault targets in cramp spaces.

    If most of the competitions are confined to 200m distance, I would 'resurrect' my Carbine M4. :-)